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Spooky's WeazelBall

Spooky Gets a Toy!

So this street vendor (licensed, of course) was selling this cute little Weazel Ball and I thought, "the Spook hasn't gotten any new toys in a while!" so why not? It's a 4" plastic ball that rolls around continuously (battery powered), with a furry weazel attached to it.

Well, Spooky Velvet isn't the bravest cat... afterall, that's why she's called Spooky, so I figured this could be interesting.... and it is!

Spooky & Wzl Ball Spooky comes running over as soon as she sees this thing moving around the floor... approaching it very cautiously, at first... following it around... but keeping a safe distance. Anytime it moves around a corner and out of view, Spooky immediately runs to the corner so she can keep an eye on it.

But..... as soon as it reverses direction and comes back towards her, our little brave stalker lives up to her name and runs backwards, away from the weazel.

Spooky & Weazel Ball Once the ball is turned off and the weasel is sitting still, the Spookster gets quite comfortable with it....

that is, until some wicked, evil, tormentor comes along and turns it back on...