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Not to be mistaken for the Queen of Outer Space

(see photo below)
Prior to running into Iliana in our department a few years back, I had never heard that name - and by then, I had already been around more years than I'd like to admit. So, I found it amusing and a bit ironic that shortly after meeting Iliana, I came across a second Iliana. This one is the lead character of a low-budget, 1958, Zsa Zsa Gabor movie, Queen of Outer Space. The lead character, of course, is Iliana - the Queen of Outer Space (and, surprisingly enough is not played by Zsa Zsa).

Our Iliana, who is now my manager, is nothing like the Queen of Outer Space, but some may call her the Queen of Deletions. As Data Security Officer for our area, Iliana asks those tough questions that determine whether or not someone really needs access to network resources. And like a true queen - or, perhaps more like the Soup Nazi on NBC's Seinfeld, she often barks out, "Delete.... No access for you... Come back, one year!"

Iliana's Photo