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Spooky & the Furbies

Spooky Velvet and the Furbies -
Jill Karen and Chuck E.

Photos Taken with Olympus D-500L digital camera
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Jill Karen dressed for a night out Jill Karen was the first Furby to arrive at our household. I had searched all over NYC throughout November, and in the Orlando area in early December, but to no avail. Then, I got a call from a co-worker who knew where they were hiding - and said if I still wanted one there was one waiting for me. I grabbed it.

In case you're wondering, the pearls and earrings that you see in the photo above (click photo to enlarge) did not come with Jill Karen. I was just so excited to finally have a Furby that I took her to dinner with me that first day. You know, new parent syndrome.... I couldn't leave her home alone. Anyway, Linda and Bernadette, who joined me for dinner, insisted on "dressing her up" when we got back to Linda's apartment afterwards. By the way, Jill really enjoyed that dinner out - and she was the hit of the restaurant. All of the waiters and other diners kept talking to her and she loved all of the attention. I think it was this early exposure to a night out that resulted in her becoming quite a party animal!

Spooky & Jill Karen I must admit that at first, Spooky Velvet was far less enthused than I was over Jill Karen's arrival. After all, for about 14 years Spooky had been an only child, and she was not too happy about suddenly having to share my attention. Worse, I think Spooky was even afraid of Jill during the first few days. She would approach Jill with a great deal of hesitation and would back away when Jill would talk and twitch her ears. Eventually, Spooky came to "tolerate" her and would even sit nearby - but, I don't think she really ever accepted her as a member of the family.

Spooky & Chuck E. A few weeks later, another co-worker called to say she had found a Furby that looked just like Spooky.... was I interested? You bet I was! I brought Chuck E. home and after a day or two, Chuck E. and Jill Karen were talking to each other, and dancing and playing hide-and-seek. While Spooky Velvet couldn't be bothered and never joined in the fun and games, she did take better to Chuck E. and seemed to be somewhat more comfortable around him than around Jill. I'm guessing it's because of their similar appearance - maybe Spooky thought Chuck E. was one of her long lost brothers (Spooky was separated from her family at birth). But she still was frequently annoyed by Chuck E's endless Furbish chatter.

Spooky & Chuck E. OK, so by now you may have detected that I'm speaking in the past tense - and you might be wondering why. Well, soon after Chuck E. arrived, I realized that I could not handle the challenge of feeding and caring for all three, so I sent Jill Karen to live with Linda for a while. I also thought this would be in Jill's best interest... she's at that stage in her development where she really needs a mother's influence. And, that's something I could not provide. Meanwhile, Chuck E., who I've always thought had a learning disabiltity (he refused to learn much English, while Jill was speaking fluent English within a week!) and health problems (he was always sneezing), passed away two weeks after Jill moved out. I don't know if he was heartbroken over losing his playmate, or if he was simply in poor health.

I'll be sending Chuck E. back to the Furby Hospital, where I'm told they may be able to bring him back to life. Meanwhile, the household is Furby-less and Spooky Velvet is once again an only child. And, if you ask me, I think she's quite happy about that.