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Spooky Velvet, Cybercat

Spooky Velvet . . . Star of CuSeeme
and probably the only cat in the world who loves chasing the mouse pointer as it moves around the screen.

Spooky at Food Bowls
Here's Spooky Velvet doing what she does best - heading for her food. This cat LOVES to eat - but only certain things, of course. Usually, the more expensive and hard to find something is, the more she loves it!

How did she get such a weird name, you ask? Well, SPOOKY refers to her personality. Ever since she was a kitten, she was always totally spooked by anything and everything. When visitors would arrive, she would climb to the very top of the livingroom wall unit and squeeze in between it and the ceiling (about 6 inches of space up there). She's much better now and actually comes over to visitors. But this comes late in her life - she's about 11 years old now.

VELVET is a middle name my mom had given her (Spooky lived with my parents for a while) because her coat is soft and velvety smoothe.

Spooky on Her Recliner

Spooky on Recliner Ok, I know what you're asking. The cat has her own recliner? Well, of course. After all, she has a hard life. While I'm out all day having fun and playing games at the office, earning the money to buy her all kinds of expensive cat food and baby food, she's home sunning herself on the window sill and chasing (well, maybe walking after) assorted bugs like spiders, centipedes and ants. Yes, spiders, centipedes and ants in a NYC apartment! Anyway, that's hard work. At the end of one of these long, hard, days, She needs a comfortable place she can call her own where she can just chill and unwind.

Spooky in Another Jam!

Spooky on Turntable The Spookster is always trying to get into places where she doesn't belong - or fit. Remind me to tell you about the time she got "lost" in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes!

This photo was taken when she was just a little kitten, but now that she's fully grown and about 14 pounds, she still thinks she can get into spaces half her size!