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RADP Meeting

We gathered outside the largest Disney store in the world - 5th Ave, NYC - for the first (to my knowledge) NYC r.a.d.p. meet. For those who don't know, r.a.d.p. is rec.arts.disney.parks - the happiest Usenet group on Earth!

left to right: Jim (Czarina Eureka's Czar) John and Carla, Peter Papazoglou, Joel Raskin(me), Michele & hubby Andy, Mary Rogers (front), Melanie a/k/a Meli O'Girl and her "hubbly" John.

Meli o'Girl & Hubbly, John

Michele & hubby, Andy

Mary Rogers

Peter & Mom

Thanks to mom for the group photo above

Carla (faeriedustbunnies) & Hubby, John