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A Husband for Linda?

Would You Marry This Woman?

We're trying to find a husband for Linda.

Linda is a thirty-something, down to earth, fun-loving person.... is well educated.... has a good job in the health care industry.... and lives on New York's fashionable Lower East Side... well... these days, really closer to Gramercy Park.

Linda Photo

Requirements: You must be heterosexual, down to earth, well educated, articulate, have a good employment history..... and, most important, have a good sense of humor..... You should like cats (or, at least not be allergic to them) and be tolerant of cigarette smoke.... (We'll work with you on helping to get her to quit smoking).... should be between 5'5" and 6'...... and your age should be in the mid 30s to mid 40s .... religion is unimportant (although you should have one - We'll count athiesm as a religion to help you satisfy this requirement).

We (me and Gus - who is another close friend of Linda's) will pre-screen all respondents. Please include a photo with your email and any other information you think may be helpful.

Send all responses to me at jr@jraskin.com