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Hercules Electrical Parade

Saturday, June 14, 1997

Melanie Emmons (aka "Meli O'Girl") wrote a wonderful "trip" report, which you can read here. Some of the photos (i.e. the "sticker lady") will make more sense after reading her report.

RADP (rec.arts.disney.parks) Attendees

Meli wearing the RADP penant

A mini group shot of (L to R) Jim Freeman. (Eureka's Czar), Carla (faeriedustbunnies), her husband (John) and Keith.

CM Peter and Jim

Jim "Brer Fox" Zisfein with Carla peeking thru on the left and Brigette on the right.

Another mini group shot of (L to R) John & Melanie Emmons (Meli), yours truly (Joel "Scruffy" Raskin), Pam Culbreth and her hubby (Fernando)


One of the more colorful marching bands

Cast members came around with beach balls, footballs, hula-hoops, etc., to keep the crowd "busy" as the evening wore on. You can see in this photo how the buildings along 5th Ave are just slightly largher than those along the Magic Kingdom's Main Street

Here's the famous Sticker Lady (Doreen) whom we kept screeming at "Sticker Lady, we Love You.... We have signs...." Peter was the only one of our group who actually got a sticker. But I think we somehow made her evening.

Parade Floats

My apologies for the poor quality of some of these.
While my memory won't allow me to identify all of the characters, I'll
try to at least identify which movie the float is from. Feel free to email me with corrections.

Hercules Float - that's Meg standing towards the right (you can barely see her).

The Hercules on Pegasus.

The Hercules and Hades floats coming up the avenue.

Hades - You can't tell from this picture, but there was real fire coming from this float!

Pinocchio's blue fairy.

Alice in Wonderland.... whirley thing, Alice, Centipede

Cindarella - the coach. . . the clock striking Midnight

From Peter Pan

Dumbo 1, Dumbo 2, Dumbo 3, Dumbo 2

Mickey & Minnie