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Hercules Forum of Fun

Friday, June 13, 1997 - Yes, Friday the 13th. . . Day one of the 3-day long Hercules Forum of Fun, hosted by Disney at New York City's Chelsea Piers along the Hudson River. It was a hot, humid day - and the tent which housed the Forum was NOT air-conditioned. But that didn't seem to spoil the fun.

Guests were greeted by a statue of Hercules, as they entered the tent. There was lots of entertainment, including interactive video games, jugglers, singers and animation demos. My favorites were the Ani-Muse-Ment show and an a-capella group called the Corinthians.

The Corinthians were made up to look like busts resting on Greek columns. They sounded great and were quite amusing. I had seen them earlier that day on one of the local news programs singing "Up on the Ruins" (sund to the tune of the 50's hit "Up on the Roof."

Ani-Muse-Ment was a live act featuring a singer and an animator (and someone translating in sign language for the hearing impaired). There were two large video screens on either side of the stage and related, fast-changing video clips were displayed, synched with the performance - which was (as the name implies) themed around animation. During quieter moments of the show, the animator described the features of the various Hercules characters. While describing/drawing the Hydra, the real thing reared its ugly head from above the stage. During other parts of the show, various scenes from the movie were displayed on the video displays while the singer performed Zero to Hero - also from the movie.

Last, but not least, for the younger guests, there were carousels - pedal powered - and the horses were baby Pegasuses (Hercules' flying horse). This was where I found fellow Rec-Arts-Disney-Parks regular, Peter P. who, at least temporarily is lucky enough to be a Disney Cast Member.