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The Disney Store

2nd Floor This is the largest Disney Store in the World. It's not as large as The World of Disney at Disneyworld, FL, but it's quite large, nonetheless, and has the same type of atmosphere. There are 3 selling floors and a 4th (the basement) which houses vacation planning and Guest Services.
Cruella The photo above was taken from the 3rd floor, looking out on the 2nd floor.

Cruella (right) stands guard at the top of the stairway leading to the 3rd floor.

plush display Have you ever seen so many plush Mickeys on one display?
Playroom Of course, my niece thinks the Disney Store is her personal play room.
Storefront This is the store entrance. When the store first opened, there was a lot of community opposition to the characters (Mickey, Minnie & Pluto) which stand above the entrance. Many complained that the characters were out of place in this neighborhood of posh businesses.
characters Here's a closeup of the characters above the entrance.

The cables that you see running along 5th Ave are just temporary - to be used for the resurrected Main Street Electrical Parade which is coming to 5th Ave on June 14, 1997.

All photos: Sharp 8mm Viewcam; Digitized via Snappy