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Miscellaneous Disneyworld Photos - Oct '97

Corondado Springs Resort

We stayed at the just-opened (well, opened within the past 2 months) Coronado Springs Resort. I won't go into great detail - but if you're interested in seeing some great photos and reviews of this resort, visit Deb Wills' Coronado Springs FAQ.

Anyway, I will mention the beautiful courtyards and fountains at the resort. This interesting courtyard, with a fountain at its center, is formed by a number of the buildings coming together at this point. In addition to the large, themed main pool (the Dig Site) - with it's waterfall pyramid, there are "quiet" pools. This is the Quiet Pool near our building in the Casitas section of the resort.

Concourse Steakhouse

The Concourse Steakhouse at the Contemporary is one of our favorites. Normally, we didn't have dessert at dinner, but we had two here this evening. The first was tiramisu. The cup was made of delicious dark chocolate. I don't know what those things are that are standing up in the tiramisu (because Gus and Linda got to them before I had a chance to... but, I think they are white chocolate. I did get to eat the entire spoon, which was shortbread cookie. Wow! Next up was the chocolate mousse - shaped like the Contemporary Hotel, with Mickey on the sides.


Gloria Estefan's new restaurant, Bongos, had recently opened and we saved this for our last night. Gus is a native of Cuba and he thought the food was quite authentic! We all thought the food was very good and the service was excellent! It may be hard to see in this exterior view of the pineapple-topped building, but the support beams are made to look like tree trunks, with coconuts near the top and palm leaves at the ceiling. It's easier to see in this interior view. Note the palm leaves on the ceiling fan at the left. I should also note that this was by far, the least expensive dinner that we had all throughout our stay. Bongos does not take reservations, but they claim there is little or no wait on weeknights. We walked right in at around 6:30pm on a Wednesday.

MGM Studios


Magic Kingdom