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Disney/MGM Photos - Oct '97

The Disney/MGM Studios

Anyone who know me, knows a trip to WDW wouldn't be complete without a visit to The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. Normally, I would drop in multiple times, but this time I controlled myself and kept to a single visit. I managed to get this photo of the "people" on the first floor that the elevator stops on. This shot shows the view from the top of the drop shaft (looking out from under the "Hollywood Tower Hotel" sign).

We had dinner one evening at The Hollywood Brown Derby - one of my favorite restaurants. Most of the walls are covered with caricatures of celebrities. The pianist played a variety of show tunes and some Disney classics throughout dinner. We always enjoy dinner at the Derby.

On the backlot tour we saw the Earful Tower topiary. I have a thing for topiaries and had planned on taking the topiary class at the Disney Instiute. Well, there's always next time for that. BTW, we put Linda on the LEFT side of the tram (ha, ha).

On another evening, at another dinner, we found ourselves at the Sci-Fi Dine-In. This restaurant is set in a drive-in theme. The tables are really model cars that you sit in. The dashboard is the table (there's even a dashboard/table for those in the back seat). And, of course, there is a movie screen up front - showing trailers for some of the more bizarre sci-fi films of the 50's/60's? as well as public service announcements. We each had a full meal here (including wine) and we thought the food and service were very good. However, we all agreed afterwards that to really keep with the theme, we would have been better off having something simpler like burgers and fries.


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