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EPCOT Photos - Oct '97


I'm not sure, but it seems we spent more time at EPCOT than at any of the other parks (with the possible exception of Blizzard Beach).

Dinner at the Garden Grill/the Land was fun. It's an all-you-can-eat character dinner, and while none of us has really big appetites, it was special to get to meet some of the characters up close. We all agreed, btw, that without the characters, this would have been just an ordinary meal. Dale (at least I think it was Dale and not Chip) came around first and caught Linda off guard Next, came Minnie. Did you ever notice that Minnie has yellow shoes? Finally Mickey stopped by, too.

Food Rocks - a fun attraction with some favorite performers singing about nutrition and healthy eating, including Get-the-Point Sisters, The Peach Boys, and Food Wrapper.

Next stop. . . Journey into the Imagination - for a visit with Dreamfinder and Figment.

With all the recent talk and rumors about the possible closing of Horizons, I tried to record as much as possible of this attraction. Linda truly believes that If we can dream it, we can do it. Two of my favorite portions of this attraction are the scene depicting the conveniences of life in the future and the moon-person-thingie.

We caught the dancing fountain one evening and since I absolutely LOVE this fountain, I felt compelled to include not one, not two, but three fountain photos. I wouldn't mind having a battery operated miniature home version of this fountain - but it would have to be a working fountain with colored lights, built-in music, and computer controlled like the real one (network compatible would be nice to, so I can control it from anywhere in the apartment). Hey, if we can dream it, we can do it, right?

At World Showcase we caught some mariachi performers outside Mexico. They were really good and I'm sorry I didn't get more of them on film. We came across this sculpture in Italy's courtyard. I went into the American Adventure (sponsored by Amex and Coke, of course!) for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. While waiting to be let into the main theatre, we were entertained by an a-capella group in colonial attire. They sounded great!

It was Space Week at EPCOT and there were various gizmos on display - like explorers, rovers, whatever.

Another first for all of us was the Illuminations Cruise - we rented one of the Pontoon boats out of the Yacht Club. Our driver cruised over toward MGM Studios, then back past the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht Club, Beach Club, and Boardwalk resorts, finally docking under the bridge near the back entrance to EPCOT. In the past, I've never been able to get a good view of the ball thingie in the lagoon with the fountain and laser lights during Illuminations. This was certainly one of the magical moment for this trip.

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